Mbinu Ndita

Help 50 children from 8 to 10 years old to go back to school as soon as possible!

We start to rebuild in February 2020 and opening in March!

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The primary school of Mbinu Ndita, is located in the hamlet of Mbinu Ndita, which is in Sumba East. Waingapu the most important city of Sumba is more than 2 hours by car, of which more than an hour on a partially paved road and in very bad condition.

This region where Mbinu Ndita is located, has become an independent village and which is

now an integral part of the village of Prai Paha, sub-district of Ngaha Ori Angu.

Mbinu Ndita Parallel School is affiliated with its mother school Waitama One-Stop School. When we visited him last November, the school had two classrooms (level 1 and 2, for children 8 to 10 years old), perched on top of a hill, without water and without electricity.

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Book For Mbinu Dita

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This parallel school was built because the children of the small classes live far too far to reach the main school, which is more than 8 km away on foot. Thanks to Mbinu Ndita, children have to walk less, but for some, more than 3-4 km.

This classroom building had been constructed independently, by the parents of the students, with the help of the surrounding community.

All had worked “hand in hand” to build this school, so that their children could acquire knowledge closer to home.

The school was very simple with split bamboo walls, black sand floor with a tin roof and reeds. Despite this, the children looked comfortable. The school had enough teaching and learning materials, and offered a variety of creative learning outcomes for their students.

One school Teacher said


The rain and the storm are united to destroy our school and now there is nothing left for the children!

- Ibu Mira

The school we are looking after in Mbinundita (Sumba East) was completely destroyed by a storm on December 18, 2019. The Foundation, therefore, undertook to rebuild it before the end of March 2020.

More than 50 children from this very remote area, have no more school and we all cry, simply because it is a real drama for this whole rural community, which lives without direct access to water and without electricity.

We took this school under our wing in November 2019, touched by the poverty and the kindness of this extraordinary population.

Fortunately, there were no students, our teachers in class, because the children had finished their exams and received their school reports. They were therefore not in school when this disaster occurred.

What will happen to children when they start school next semester?

What can we do to help rebuild this school for the children of Mbinu Ndita so that they can learn comfortably and safely in the future?

We continue to coordinate with the teachers, the Charis Sumba school which helped the young teachers and the Mbinu Ndita community.

With this, we invite everyone to participate with us in the reconstruction of the school. The project in its development and fundraising phase is already well advanced and we should be able to start work in February 2020.

Documents of #BangunMbinuNdita

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The school to be constructed will use Superior House Instant Panel System (RUSPIN), it’s a prefabricated frame housing technology using a bolt connection system.

Ruspin is a structure system with instant modules, aesthetic, prefabricated, simple, quick to assemble, flexible, solid, and resistant to earthquakes.

This technology is suitable to be applied in almost all regions of Indonesia, especially in earthquake-prone areas.

  • Rebuild a building as well as an “art class”, teachers’ room, toilets. All in a permanent, solid, simple and practical building;
  • Provide 20/30 sets of school tables and chairs, which will be used in classrooms;
  • Build appropriate toilets for children;
  • Install solar panels to provide electricity to the school;
  • Install a water tank to collect rainwater, for clean water supplies;
  • Acquire the books and textbooks for the K-13 elementary study programs and the teaching tools based on levels 1 and 2 and 3.

Location of Filial Elementary School Mbinu Ndita


We are very good friends, it is our history, it is we who write it and who continue to write it!

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Kamanggih - One of the school we take care of With the "Photo Sumba Stories Program"

Another approach to defining needs, describe the socio-culture conditions. A project made by children for their environment!

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Mbinundita - Where we are rebuilding the new School

Help the village to rebuild the Mbinundita school, then more than 60 kids ages from 8 to 10yo, will go back to school.


Lapinu Village - One of the school we take care of With the "Photo Sumba Stories Program"

Another approach to defining needs, describe the socio-culture conditions. A project made by children for their environment!

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Office and Base Camp - Action for Fair Future

Kawan-Kawan, welcome to our Base Camp in Rumah Sanur, Denpasar Bali

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