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Distribution of Book Assistance #BangunMbinuDita

Participation of Kawan Baik

Do you still remember, my friend, at the end of December 2019, the parallel class of Mbinu Dita collapsed because of the wind and destroyed the classroom and its contents. That evening, Mira’s teacher communicated to us that we needed books for the teaching and learning process in the even semester, namely grade 1 and grade 2 books with K13 kulirkulum. Can any book from publishers that is important have implemented the k13 curriculum.

We spontaneously announced through our social media, Good Friends of Indonesia and each of us personally shared stories to our colleagues to be able to participate in helping to collect the books needed.


Quite a lot of good friends out there who care about our little friends in Mbinu Dita, some friends deliver their donation books directly to our office, some are sent from out of town to our office. What is most impressive is that there is a school in Denpasar that prepares books from students who have risen collectively, so that the number of books that are collected is uniform. And it turns out that in the boxes of the book there are also stationery and new notebooks for little friends in Mbinu Dita. There are also general story books, other knowledge books that can be used by teachers and teachers as teaching material in schools.

We send these books to Sumba by sea expedition, because the number of boxes sent is quite large, which is 12 large boxes. The time taken to arrive at Waingapu is approximately 1 week, so it is not too long to start a new semester.

Books that arrive at Waingapu are then sorted or grouped according to class and theme. Kak Nofi, assisted by Primus, also recorded the books that arrived to get the book notes and the amount.
Last Monday, on January 27, 2020, books were delivered to the Mbinu Dita school using a pick up owned by Kak Ardy, one of the members of the East Sumba Education Care Community (KP2S), accompanied by some friends from Indonesian Good Friends and (KP2S). Of course this book was welcomed by the teachers and students of Mbinu Dita. The smiles of our little friends were also visible when they were distributed new notebooks even though at this time they still had to take emergency classes.

Hopefully these books will provide enough enthusiasm for our little friends at Mbinu Dita to continue to study with enthusiasm with what is currently owned.
Thanks to friends who have collected books and took the time to leave them with us. Because with this concern we can provide opportunities and access for them to get a better education.

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